Conservation Volunteers

Apr 23, 2018









The age old adage really is true, many hands do make light work; and that’s never more true than when a team of 10 Conservation Volunteers from Bendigo arrived on the 19th of April to give us a lending hand.
It was a case of BYO brush-cutters, walking tracks were cleared and gorse, broom and blackberry and re-emerging woody weed seedlings got the chop. Goodbye to all the willow suckers, these were hand removed by cutting then painting. Walkers on the Hill will be pleased to know that 5 previously undiscovered wasp nests were treated as well. After the rain at the weekend, the weather on the day was perfect, blue sky and a light breeze made it a pleasure to be spending time with such a keen and happy bunch of volunteers. And an extra bonus was that there was enough time to set up a site for a future planting with the Daylesford Secondary College. Thanks to team leader Daryl and his inspirational team!