Fauna and Flora Walk with Tanya Loos

Mar 20, 2018

How lucky we all were to have the very talented Tanya Loos take locals and visitors alike on a Fauna and Flora walk on Cornish Hill on Saturday 10th March. Billed as part of the program for the ChillOut Festival, we couldn’t be more pleased at the huge turnout we got – 45 people! These were made up of FOCH Committee members, members, locals, interstate and even overseas visitors. Our overseas visitors were from Canada, Belgium, New Zealand and Croatia – just amazing!

We learnt so much in just two hours – we looked at the pupae of the Imperial Hairstreak Butterflies being protected by ants who in turn receive a sugary feed from them, we checked out half eaten pine cones by Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos,  we saw Whirligig Beetles, a Cherry Ballart tree, tree ferns and visited the picnic area at Smith’s Creek. But wait for it – the highlight of the day, was finding Koala poo! Yes, we definitely have Koala’s in Cornish Hill! We even picked them up, opened them and sniffed them! It’s not as bad as it sounds, honestly – they don’t eat meat!

Anyway, the walk was a roaring success and one that we will definitely repeat next year for the 22nd ChillOut Festival. Talks are afoot to do a few more during the year. Watch this space!

And thanks Tanya, Margie, Jan and all who attended!