Friends of Cornish Hill


A small but active group of volunteers called The Friends of Cornish Hill coordinate an ongoing program to replant along the Smiths Creek corridor.

Success with Federal, State, local government funding as well as our local Daylesford Community Op shop and the Daylesford Community Bendigo bank has enabled the Friends to seek advice and engage with qualified and professional contractors Aus Eco Solutions, consult indigenous plant specialists Wild Plants in Ballarat, Frances Cincotta in Newstead and Verna Baker from Daylesford. Noted flora and fauna experts, Tanya Loos and Roger Thomas give freely of their wisdom regarding all flora and fauna.

Picnic area September 2018.

Whilst the Friends of Cornish Hill work to protect existing flora such as the wildflower patch as well as remnant vegetation which has survived the mining era, Smiths creek is an important feeder creek to the Loddon system. The riparian zone of the creek receives most of their attention. Recent sightings of echidnas, wombats and reptiles plus evidence of koalas has encouraged the Friends and confirmed that what they are doing is right. Renewed habitat has seen an increase in birds, insects, fungi and improved water quality has seen an increase in macroinvertebrates.

A well earned morning tea.

The latter years have seen the Friends shift their focus to education and one day workshops involving local schools are now an important activities which are enjoyed by all those who attend. More information about our involvement with schools can be found under the heading “School involvement.”

Focher Jan demonstrates making a wasp trap.

To get a taste of just a few of the fabulous walking options on Cornish Hill, click on the video link below. Many thanks to Frank Van Der Hoeven, who filmed and created this for the Friends.