Wesley College Clunes on the Hill!

Jun 6, 2018

24th May 2018

Christmas came early on Cornish Hill  when 11 students from Wesley College Clunes campus lead by staff members Jonathan and Zoe planted over 50 trees and hand cut out and painted broom seedlings, dock and thistles. We are indeed grateful to have the support of these students and staff, not to mention our volunteers Barbara Webb, Anthony Jowett, Andrew Percy, Sam Pearson, Gael Shannon, Miriam Porter and Ivon Watt who bent over backwards to make sure the event was a success. 

The last photo sums it up! Exhausted after a hard day’s work. We are grateful for their help and looking forward to catching up with our DSC friends in the Hands on Learning program on Tuesday 29th when another 50 trees are to be planted. A big hands up to you all for such a great effort.