Invitation to Attend Exciting Frog Event

Sep 29, 2016


Pobblebonk frog

Friends of Cornish Hill volunteers together with staff and students from the Dharma school will be investigating the important role frogs play in the environment.  Frogs have become symbolic of biodiversity conservation and environmental water management and Cornish Hill Reserve provides a perfect habitat for these endearing icons of the water world.

On Friday 7th October, beginning at 10:00am with a classroom workshop led by frog expert Ray Draper, students will learn about the frog’s unique life cycle, their habitat, their characteristic calls.   Students will also travel by bus to Cornish Hill where they will explore the environment and search for frogs along the creek.

A tiny Ewing Tree Frog in someone's hand

Ewing Tree Frog

Local artist Rosie Laszlo has also been engaged, and in the classroom will lead the students through a process of making frog templates.  Using heavy card or paper, students will draw their impressions of what they believe a frog to look like. Once completed, these drawings will be cut out and, on Friday 28th October from 9:30 – 1:00 pm, will be used as stencils to create a street art installation on the walkway from Vincent Street to Coles and also on the pavement outside the ANZ bank. This event has been included in the calendar for this year’s Rotary Festival Artober.

We would love you to join us on either or both of the dates.  That way we will be able to let you know of any changes which might occur closer to the time. Also, check out more photos below and our Facebook page for up to date information!