Announcing recent success with grants

Aug 9, 2016

Announcing recent success with grants

common froglet

Common Froglet

Frogs and Friends – In October this year, students from the Dharma school will take part in a frog workshop on Cornish Hill thanks to a generous grant from Hepburn Shire.

Cornish Hill provides the perfect habitat for these much-loved amphibians and Ray Draper is the frog expert who will work with the students in the classroom.  All that is learned in the classroom will be transferred to a natural setting on the Reserve. Frog Sanctuaries have been set up so that we are guaranteed to find frogs. To add to the educational opportunity, local artist Rosie Laszlo will guide students through the process of making frog templates which will later be used to create an art installation outside Daylesford Library in October.

Frog stencilling, Artober 2016

Frog stencilling, Artober 2016

Vincent St Frogs, Artober 2016

Vincent St Frogs, Artober 2016


Geoff and Tomas Platypus-web

Geoff & Tomas from Platypus Environmental Services

getting the bird habitat ready point 4 and 5-web

Ed & Ian – Local contractors, hand removing gorse

RACV and Coca-Cola Foundation come to Cornish Hill.  

Thanks to Landcare Australia, Friends of Cornish Hill were given an opportunity to apply for sponsorship through the Coca Cola Foundation as well as the RACV. This wonderful opportunity has meant that we are able to keep up the assault on woody weeds and revegetation the Smiths creek corridor. The invasion of gorse, broom and blackberry has made weed removal a challenging and lengthy process. This needs constant monitoring and maintenance such is the tenacity of these weeds and this funding allows for spraying as well as hand removal both by contractors.   Purchase of new tools, costs for plants as well as other necessities involved in planting trees is also covered. We are very excited to be able to expand our involvement with local schools. Much of the work has already commenced and we are in the process of meeting with schools to finalise the programs we will be conducting.

removal of gorse at point 11 A-web

Getting rid of massive gorse infestation

Landcare Victoria 

We are in the process of completing funding from our great supporters Victorian Landcare. And very soon we will have produced a brochure complete with map of historical sites and walking trails. A very successful Toes in the Water event was also funded by Vic Landcare when students from Bullarto School took on the role of teacher trainers and guided students from other schools through testing the water quality on Smiths creek.